#995: "Is This Thing Still On?"


I'm relatively sure no one is really reading this right now which I find very liberating.  Also liberating: The fact that I'm writing this from bed. Nude. (I'm not really nude. That was a lie. Banana Republic pajama pants and a v-neck are the order of the evening.)

There's really no easy way to get this started. I've been away from my site for the last year and a half and in my absence I flirted with Facebook, cheated with Tumblr, and I keep Twitter on the side (Literally. It's still on the right side of the page. Okay, no more parenthetical nonsense for the rest of the post).

It's a lot like reaching out to someone you haven't seen in years that's always been in the back of your mind in some capacity. How do you reconnect after such a long absence? Since my brain never shuts off, whenever I see or hear something of interest there is a tiny voice in the back of my head that says, mockingly, "maybe you should go update your blog, jerk-off."

So. Here I am, the post no one wanted and no one ever thought they would see again.


With the passage of time I've noted that the more traditionally successful I am, the less content I am. I could talk a lot about my job and how things are "pretty good" at the present time and how they let me take home a $118,000 super car last month. Empty bragging aside, I felt the need to do something that I would find fulfilling.

After a damn near a decade of failed plays, rejected scripts, and collaborations that went nowhere... I finally got something that works. I came close with a vanity project last year but it's not ready yet. I don't know if it will ever be. How is "trite" playing with the general public these days?

My pal Max emailed me about a year ago and the gist of the email was, "I have an idea for a comic and I want you to write it." How could I say no?

The bulk of the concept was hashed out in all day email sessions 5 days a week over what seemed like most of September. The script was written over Devil's Night and Halloween last year. With any luck, it'll be finished, printed, and ready for sale by this Halloween.

Reviewing the above paragraphs makes this project sound really important. It certainly is to me. It's the biggest deal that isn't a big deal at all. We have no major backing. We'll be publishing this on our own and it's a foregone conclusion that we will lose money on this. But it's GETTING DONE.

It's called EME and it's a start. Watch this space.


Almost forgot. Here's the "in progress" cover to #1